Dear Sarah,

Thank you so very much for taking such beautiful photos on our wedding day! From the first phone call we made, to the day of our wedding, & months after, you have been such a pleasure to work with. Based on your portfolio & the questions you asked us, we were confident that you would truly capture the essence of our day, but you brought even more to the table with your very calm presence & very artistic eye and adventurous techniques - we could barely believe our eyes when you headed into the rocky water with 2 cameras strapped around your neck to photograph our picnic!! Those pictures in particular are truly phenomenal and we are so grateful that you ventured into the ocean to capture our special moment! It was really fun spending the day with you...Thank you for not only taking lovely photographs but for also being just wonderful to share such a personal day with. Thank you also for the framed picnic photo! It's in our living room & we love it! Thank you so much for providing us with such lovely photos to remember our wedding with! 

All the best to you! 
Cathy & Wes


Hi Sarah,

Wow, thank you so much for putting these previews up on your blog! I look at them at least a couple times a day, and I am not exaggerating (Wes can vouch for that)! We love them! 

Thank you also for the beautiful words you wrote on your really captured the day in both your words and photos! We had so much fun meeting you and were thrilled with the ease at which you joined in with us to document our very happy occasion. Your presence was exceptionally calm and we truly enjoyed working with you. Wes and I were so impressed and excited that you even ventured into the water at the Quahog Spot! We've been telling everyone about the photos on the blog and we all can hardly wait to see more!

Thank you so much for everything and for your fantastic work!




Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for the incredible job you did! Your pictures are beautiful, fantastically capturing the spirit of our wedding and creating perfect memories of our big day! It was so relaxing to have you -- not once did we have to worry about the pictures, because we knew you would do a great job and think of all kinds of motifs! You really did everything to get the very best pictures out of the situation, and it showed. Thanks for all the running you did along the pier to catch us in the boat, and your acrobatic shooting onboard!

Honestly, we couldn't have wished for a nicer, more professional, gifted photographer. Thank you so very much, and all the best in the future!

Jan & Eva



Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for sharing in our engagement time and wedding day and all you did to capture the special moments from that time! We appreciate so much the way you were able to truly memorialize the emotions and joy of us and our families and friends. Thank you for your hard work and for preserving these special moments for the rest of our lives! 

Kate & Josh


Thank you for capturing all of the emotions of the day! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photographs! We were so grateful to be able share our special day with you, you truly understood all of the love and the importance of family in our lives! You are a very special person!

Kate’s mom




I don't even know what to say. The pictures are even more beautiful than I could have imagined! Thank you so much! You really are so overwhelmingly gifted and talented. I look forward to seeing the rest and don't even know what to say or do to thank you. Unbelievable! Again, thank you so very, very, very much. Ahhhhh, I should also say, I am very glad to have spent the day with you and you were so very thoughtful and kind. 

Thanks again.




We just looked at all the photos, its like reliving the day all over again. The photos are truly beautiful. Thank you so much you did a great job.

I do intend on writing reviews on the knot and recommending you to any friends/family that will end up getting married in the future. We are really very happy with all the photos, wedding and engagement session. So again thank you so much!

-Kelley and Mike




Dear Sarah,

While this is too belated, we wanted to send a hand-written note to express our deep gratitude for your professional and intuitive photographic rendering of our wedding. You did a fantastic job! Guests are still commenting on the beautiful photos, and we will treasure them for years to come. If you ever need a reference, we would be happy to oblige. 

Many thanks, 
David & Sarah